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Royal Oak Personal TrainersWe customize plans specific to your body and fitness level so you can achieve your ideal results, no matter who you are. Whether you’re a man or woman seeking physical excellence, or an athlete striving for top performance in the pros, we’ll help get you there. Our trainers and unique process can quickly take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Elite Personal Training In Royal Oak

MECA’s lead trainer and owner, David Lawrence, is a widely recognized strength and conditioning coach in the U.S. and abroad. He combines his top-notch experience, training and education to generate superior results for his clients.

Mentored by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, David incorporates many of the late Poliquin’s techniques into his own unique training program. David holds degrees in physical education and health promotion, and helps scores of pro athletes—like Marvin Jones Jr of the Detroit Lions and Eric Fisher of the Kansas City Chiefs—improve their games.

David developed the core strategy that all MECA personal trainers use, and he oversees personalized client fitness programs. Even if you don’t work directly with David, you’ll benefit from his knowledge and experience, which are at the center of MECA’s methods and world-class training facilities.

Get Better Results Faster with Our Proven Training Process

Our professional personal trainers know how to bring out the best in you. After an initial assessment, you’ll get a personalized program individually designed to improve your bio-unique health, fitness and athletic performance. Your custom program is designed around our proven process for developing greater strength and performance in less time.

  1. Assessment: Testing to determine your strengths, weaknesses and nutritional needs, including BioSignature Modulation, developed by well-known strength coach Charles Poliquin.
  2. Trainer Assignment: Get paired with an experienced, certified trainer who will serve as your personal coach during your sessions.
  3. Progress Monitoring & Evaluation: Through daily progress logs, your trainer writes new, individualized programs as you advance through each level toward achieving your fitness goals.

Who We Help

Many top athletes have achieved incredible success through our programs and facilities. But we don’t reserve this high level of fitness training just for pro athletes and Olympians. We want to help anyone who walks through our doors.

Here are just a few of the folks who have found success through MECA:

Eric Fisher – Kansas City Chiefs
Sam Militec – London Knights
Frank Zombo – Kansas City Chiefs
Nick Bellore – San Francisco 49ers
Jarrad Davis – Detroit Lions
Marvin Jones Jr – Detroit Lions
Devon Kennard – Detroit Lions

Nick Bawden – Detroit Lions
Christian Jones – Detroit Lions
Zach Zenner – Detroit Lions
Kerry Hyder – Dallas Cowboys
Aaron Palushaj – Philadelphia Flyers
Adam Fenton – USA Bobsled Team
Alison Heydorn – Guyana National Soccer Team

On-Site Sports Nutritionist

Nutrition is critical for peak performance, and that’s why MECA provides an on-site Sports Nutritionist for our clients. The nutritionist’s services add a significant boost to both athletes and non-athletes who want to integrate nutrition and dietary supplements into their training regimen.

The foods you eat provide vital fuel for successful training. But food is also crucial medicine for healing issues in your body that hinder performance. Through specific testing and nutritional guidance, our Sports Nutritionist can help you overcome obstacles and meet your training goals. This high-value benefit is available to anyone looking to get an extra edge through sports nutrition services.

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Whether you want a stronger physique, higher performance or better general health, our elite personal trainers are here to help. Our Royal Oak fitness coaches can give you guidance on how to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Call us at 248-291-6279 to get started.