High School Athlete Training Tips From Our Head Strength Coach

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Top 3 Training Tips For High School Athletes

Any high school athlete can search YouTube and the internet for information on working out and building muscle. But sometimes it’s hard for young athletes to distinguish good information from misguided advice.

When a high school athlete wants a training plan for the offseason, it’s important to find a program that emphasizes effective and safe exercises, solid fundamentals and science-backed nutritional guidance. Amateur athletes should avoid programs that profess high-risk strategies, which are outdated and ineffective.

To help amateur athletes decipher the good from the bad, MECA Founder and Head Strength Coach David Lawrence offers his Top 3 Training Tips for Michigan High School Athletes.


Hire a Strength Coach Who Designs a Training Plan Unique to You

Even the best athletes know they can still get better. Case in point: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Miguel Cabrerra have all hired elite coaches to improve their performance. But there is a huge difference between expert strength coaches and run-of-the-mill personal trainers.

The top strength and conditioning coaches will create training and nutrition programs specific to the individual athlete. These customized plans are based on an athlete’s biological makeup and unique abilities and weaknesses. At Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes (MECA), we only hire the best personal coaches, and all our programs are tailored to the individual athlete.


Even the most accomplished professional athletes such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Miguel Cabrerra hire expert level coaches. The point is that even the best of the best know they can improve their game.


Choose Real Foods

Many young athletes don’t eat well, which compromises their fitness. Our sports nutritionist typically defines “eating well” for high school athletes as consuming meals high in protein and whole foods.

You may have an excellent workout routine but, if your diet suffers, so will your performance. By eating the right combination of nutrients, you’ll increase immunity and boost your body’s ability to detoxify itself. This is especially critical for young athletes who are still growing. A great way to jump-start healthy eating is by consuming a breakfast of meat or nuts rich in protein. Aim for about 60 grams of protein, which may vary depending on your unique physical makeup. An assessment at our Royal Oak facility can tell you your unique nutritional and fitness targets.


Compete with Stronger Opponents

One of the quickest ways to improve your game is by competing against better athletes. Don’t fear going up against someone stronger, faster or bigger than you. It will force you to challenge your skills and level-up your abilities. Seek out any chance you have to compete with the best.


Go Where The Pros Go

Professional athletes depend on their bodies to earn their paycheck and to stay in the game. MECA trains more professional athletes across more sports than any other personal training facility in Michigan. These athletes personally pay MECA for the superior training despite having access to team training facilities and personal trainers that would be free of charge.