How We Train At MECA

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What sets us apart is the results we get from our science-backed approach by customizing a personal training program specific to you.

Gain Power, Speed and Strength, Quicker

At Michigan Elite Training for Athletes (MECA), we base our personal training on an undulating, non-linear cycle of periodization. This means we change the stressor between phases of intensity and accumulation.

This alternation of the training stressor is more effective for creating gains in speed, power and strength than linear training programs. Linear training programs are used by most college strength and conditioning coaches, whereas research done in Eastern Bloc and European countries shows the non-linear, undulating cycle produces faster training results.


Bypass Plateaus with Our Elite Personal Trainers In Royal Oak

The body adapts quickly to different training stimuli. Usually after four to six training sessions, there are diminishing returns on gains made from a stimulus. That’s why we keep changing the stimulus—to ensure continual progress.

From our experience training hundreds of athletes, we know the following quote from Charles Poliquin’s book Modern Trends in Strength Training is true:
“In training with any one method, increases in maximal strength and size may plateau after extended periods of training. To maintain increases in maximal neural activations (strength) and hypertrophy (muscle mass), workout intensities must be periodically varied and/or kept at progressively increasing levels. If the neuromuscular system is allowed to adapt to constant training loads (that is, if the stimulus is always presented to the body in exactly the same way) its efficiency will diminish. From a biological standpoint, variety in strength training during longer training periods can be regarded as productive in increasing the functional capacity of the neuromuscular system.”

Through our method of constantly changing the training stimulus, we’ll help you avoid plateaus.


Variety Is the Source of Power, Strength and Growth

You can’t use the same training protocols all year long if you want maximum results. That’s why MECA trainers always alter the exercises, numbers of reps and sets, tempo and rest intervals between sets. This constant variety can help develop power and strength, correct muscle weakness and stimulate growth.

In the past few years, MECA Owner and Head Strength Coach David Lawrence has used more than 800 different exercises to boost his athletes’ performance. Strength training seems simplistic, but it’s really very complex if you do it right. Trust MECA personal trainers to guide you toward breakthroughs built on variety.


Strength training is simplistic, but at the same time very complex.  You can’t use the same protocols year round if you want optimal results.


Get Optimum Results from a 4-Day Split

Our four-day training split is comprised of quads, torso, posterior, shoulders and arms. This training method is around 50 percent more effective than a three-day program. We change the training routine for the competition season, as well as for changing emphasis on development goals or physical status. But the four-day split is our guideline and it’s necessary for achieving superior results.


6 Goals to Create Successful Athletes

MECA’s six critical personal training goals for creating superior athletes include:

  1. Establishing structural balance ASAP
  2. Improving vertical leap and production of force
  3. Enhancing flexibility
  4. Increasing strength levels
  5. Boosting acceleration and top speed
  6. Reducing percentage of body fat to desired range


Watch MECA Founder and Head Strength Coach David Lawrence help an athlete build strength, power and balance.