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Elite Football Training for High School through Pro-level Athletes

At Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes (MECA), our experienced strength and conditioning coaches have worked with more than 250 football players, including more than 40 at the professional level. With deep experience and top education in their areas of expertise, our football trainers can take athletes of any level and significantly improve their performance.

Football players who train at MECA will gain:

  • Certified strength and conditioning coaches who have a combined 20-plus years of training football athletes
  • Personalized, one-on-one coaching designed to improve the specific football player’s physical fitness
  • Increased power and speed that are football-specific
  • Strength improvements that translate directly to the football field
  • Better body composition that makes the football athlete leaner, faster and more injury-resilient
  • Access to our premium facility, with some of the world’s best strength training equipment

Our football trainers can help you achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time. We’ll show you how to gain dramatic improvements from your personal training plan that transfer directly to your performance on the playing field.

Science-Backed Football Training Process

To deliver the best training with the quickest results, our MECA football trainers use a science-based approach to strength training. We customize this training to your unique body composition, current strengths, weaknesses and goals. During one-on-one workout sessions and daily logs, your personal coach constantly re-evaluates your progress, and adjusts your personalized program as your body and abilities change.

What to expect from MECA personalized football training programs:

  • Evaluation of upper and lower body structural balance
  • Custom diet plan to improve body composition and overall health
  • Power assessment
  • Techniques and exercises designed to enhance football-specific skills
  • Power and strength training
  • Speed work
  • Strongman training to boost conditioning for the football field

Our Sports Nutritionist Helps Maximize Personal Football Training

As an added service for our personal football training athletes, all MECA clients work with an on-site sports nutritionist. This sports nutrition professional will work with your personal football strength coach to incorporate nutrition and NSF supplements into your training plan. A nutrition program fine-tuned to your unique body’s needs can sustain greater endurance, speed and strength. It can also help your body heal itself faster.

Take the First Step with a Football Athletic Assessment

Contact us today to schedule a football athletic assessment and tour our state-of-the art facility in Royal Oak. Take your first step toward becoming healthier, stronger, faster and more competitive.

Football Training Client Testimonials

Frank Zombo, nflFrank Zombo – Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl Champion

“I would not still be in the NFL if it wasn’t for training with David at MECA. In 2014, I came in for an evaluation and David showed me what was limiting my speed and power production. In one off-season, I increased my speed and strength more than I had previously done in the last 10 years training in college or the NFL. I increased my bench press by 91 pounds that off-season and was able to rehab an old hamstring injury that slowed me down and caused a lot of pain. Training with Dave and MECA has added more years to my career and I am running faster and playing stronger ever before…I am getting better each year physically and it’s due to the continuous workouts and training at MECA.”

nick bellore, nflNick Bellore – Detroit Lions

“Training with Dave has helped make my career in the National Football League. Each year I am amazed how my body continues to get stronger and how good I feel each and every season going into training camp. As an undrafted free agent out of college, I needed to get faster to play in the NFL and Dave has helped me realize my potential and was able to improve my speed in a very short amount of time. Now entering my 7th season now as an NFL veteran I have only missed 2 games in my career and have been one of the most productive players at my position on the field.”

zack zenner, nflZach Zenner – Detroit Lions

“Coming off a back injury I went to MECA looking to get back into football shape. We accomplished that goal and more through a unique style of 1 on 1 training I had never experienced. After training at MECA my improved body composition, and overall fitness level allowed me to successfully return to the Lions roster.”