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Elite Strength Training Programs Customized for Hockey Athletes

Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes (MECA) provides personalized programs for hockey players of all abilities, from junior levels up through the National Hockey League (NHL) and American Hockey League (AHL).
Our professional hockey trainers understand that the demands of hockey are vastly different from other sports. Our trainers start by evaluating several different components of your physical fitness and discuss gaps you need to bridge in order to achieve ultimate success on the ice. Then your personal hockey trainer develops an individualized training program unique to your needs and goals.
MECA hockey trainers leverage their deep experience and education while considering your current physical state. Then they design the ideal strength training and nutrition plan to prepare you for superior hockey performance.
Hockey players who train at MECA typically improve their bench press by 60 pounds in as few as 12 weeks.

MECA-trained hockey players can benefit from:

off ice hockey trainers in royal oak

  • Professional hockey trainers with a combined 20-plus years of experience training more than 100 hockey players
  • Personalized training plans and one-on-one coaching
  • Increased short-term speed on the ice
  • More power and functional core strength
  • Strength improvements that translate directly to hockey performance
  • Access to our premium facility with some of the world’s best strength training equipment and a 55-yard indoor track for plyometrics and speed training

MECA professional hockey trainers can help you achieve maximum results, quickly, through your personalized plan. We’ll empower you to make dramatic improvements that directly impact your performance on the ice.

Our Science-Backed Hockey Training Process

We’ve had the pleasure of working with hockey players in the NHL, AHL, Division 1 Collegiate Hockey, Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), and every hockey level down to juniors and youth. Through this experience, we’ve perfected our approach. MECA hockey trainers use a science-based approach to strength training that delivers the quickest results.

Our specially tailored hockey training techniques are designed to optimize growth and development. Our one-on-one style of hockey training is one of the keys to success. Your MECA personal hockey trainer will continually re-evaluate your progress and adjust your plan to deliver ongoing results while also reducing your injury risk.

What to expect from our personalized hockey training programs:

  • Evaluation of upper and lower body structural balance
  • Metabolic analysis through a 14-site body fat test
  • Custom diet plan to improve body composition and overall health
  • Neurological and brain testing to asses central nervous system functioning
  • Strength training to boost speed and explosiveness on the ice
  • Plyometric exercises to increase power
  • Hockey-specific conditioning

Your MECA personal hockey trainer will adjust your training program by changing the exercises, repetitions and sets at each workout. This constantly challenges your body to adapt and stimulate growth. This process addresses muscle weakness while building core strength and explosive power.

Our Sports Nutritionist Helps Maximize Hockey Training

As an added service for our hockey training athletes, we offer a sports nutritionist on-staff. This integrative nutrition professional helps fix nutritional deficiencies and imbalances to make way for better health and optimal healing. Our sports nutritionist will work with your personal hockey strength coach to incorporate nutrition and supplements into your training plan. A nutrition program customized to your unique body’s needs can sustain greater endurance, speed, strength and better general health.

Take the First Step with a Hockey Athletic Assessment

Contact us today to schedule a hockey athletic assessment and tour our state-of-the art personal training facility in Royal Oak. Take your first step toward becoming stronger, faster, more conditioned and more competitive than ever.

MECA-Trained Elite Hockey Athletes

  • Aaron Palushaj, NHL


    Montreal Canadians

  • AJ Jenks


    Charlotte Checkers

  • Dave Wohlberg


    Charlotte Checkers

  • Austin Levi


    Plymouth Whalers

  • Sam Miletic


    London Knights

  • TJ Hensick


    Colorado Avalanche

  • Jack Kopacka


    Sault Saint Marie Greyhounds/Anaheim Ducks

  • Jayson Megna


    Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Jaycob Megna


    Norfolk Admirals


Hockey Training Client Testimonials

Austin Levi, off-ice hockey training client“The first summer I signed up with MECA, I came with a goal of gaining 20 lbs of muscle. I achieved this goal in 8 weeks. They are an elite training center and continue to get better every day. MECA’s relentless pursuit of knowledge drives them, and they know how to reach the goals you have for your body. They will make you quicker, stronger, healthier, and more powerful. For as long as I’m playing hockey, I will turn to Dave and the team at MECA for my training.”

– Austin Levi, Charlotte Checkers Defenseman

Jaycob Megna, Off-Ice Hockey Training Client“Training with Coach Lawrence over the summer enabled me to go from 175 to 213 pounds in 14 weeks. Over that period of time, my vertical jump improved 2 inches and I was able to accelerate much faster than before. I feel I have taken my game to the next level.”

– Jaycob Megna, Nebraska-Omaha, Defenseman and NHL prospect

“MECA made me realize how much more I can push past my comfort zone in the gym. They taught me how to be a pro when it comes to training and nutrition. I have way more confidence on the ice knowing I’m stronger and more conditioned then I was a year ago.”

– Brendan Rons, Hockey Player

Jack Kopacka, hockey training client“Training with David at MECA was the best decision I made for my hockey career. I started training at MECA in 2016 and since then I’ve become faster, stronger, and more explosive. The one on one training I do with David is unmatched and I would not be in the position I am today without his expertise. Training with David at MECA has given me the physical advantage I need against my opponents.”

– Jack Kopacka, Anaheim Ducks

Are You Ready to Take Your Hockey Performance to the Next Level?

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