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At MECA, Personal Training is for both athletes and non-athletes alike. What sets us apart is an individualized training program tailored to you.

Get Faster Results with a Science-Backed Approach to Personal Training

What makes Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes (MECA) unique is that we create a personal training program specific to you based on your individualized assessment. Then we continually monitor your progress with daily training logs. Combine that with the best personal trainers and equipment in Michigan, and you have a formula for fast success. Owner and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach David Lawrence directs every science-based program for every client.

Start with a Fitness Assessment and Personal Training Consultation

On your first day, during an initial consultation, we’ll explain how our process can help you specifically. We do a full body test, testing your body’s response to specific movements and your range of motion and flexibility. This incredibly thorough assessment gives us a complete picture of your strengths and weaknesses and allows us to design the perfect personal training program for you.

We’ll also schedule you to take your Bio Signature measurements, which includes a 14-site body fat test. This information gives us a snapshot of your hormonal profile and possible imbalances with your hormones and nutrients that may be corrected through nutrition.

Pair Up with Our Royal Oak Personal Trainers

After we carefully analyze your assessment, we’ll pair you with the right personal trainer for you. He or she will be your go-to for helping you reach your fitness goals. During each workout session at our Royal Oak facility, and every set and rep, your personal trainer will ensure you’re performing the exercises correctly and making progress.

Every two to six weeks, depending on your goals and other factors, your personal trainer will write new programs specific to you. These are based on how quickly you progressed through previous programs, and how your fitness levels are changing as you improve. Each phase is a building block that stacks toward continuously better results.

Work with our Sports Nutritionist for Quicker Progress

Leveraging your individual Bio Signature data and input from your personal trainer, our sports nutritionist designs specific modifications to meet your unique needs. By combining elite personal training with professional sports nutritionist guidance, our clients reach their performance and fitness goals faster. Learn more about our Sports Nutritionist services.

Get Ready for Next-Level Performance

Contact Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes today to schedule an assessment and tour our Royal Oak personal training facility.