Sport-Specific Training

Personal Trainers For Athletes In Royal Oak

Each sport requires a certain set of physical attributes.

We understand the individual, and how to train for each sport’s unique demands. This is critical for achieving maximum results that transfer directly to the playing field, stadium or arena. At Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes (MECA), your personalized program also considers your chosen sport and targets the muscle groups you need the most to perform at your potential. No matter the sport or level of competition, our experience and knowledge allow us to deliver superior results, every time.

A Proven Training Process for Superior Performance

Professional athletes from around the world seek out our services. They’ve heard about our unique process for achieving results fast and have seen it firsthand from some of their teammates. We don’t just reserve this approach for the pros. Every MECA client benefits from the same level of service that the pros do!

Assess – First, we thoroughly Assess each athlete during an initial assessment. This starts with identifying all of the structural imbalances in the body including length tension testing—for the upper and lower body among other tests. Through these assessments, we identify the athlete’s physical strengths and weaknesses. We answer any and all questions the athlete may have and are able to tell them what to expect to gain and improvements they’ll make by training at MECA.

Design – After we analyze the information gathered during the assessment process, we begin the Design phase. Here, we start with the end goal in mind to create a series of workouts that will help the athlete progress quickly. These individualized programs are unique to the athlete, their sport, and their specific strengths, weaknesses.

Nutrition – Every MECA client sees one of our qualified nutritionists while they train here. Our nutritionists look at more than just your diet. They address issues with sleeping, gut health, Libido, cognitive function, energy, hormonal profile, and more! We use cutting edge research including blood paneling to tailor the nutrition plan specific to you and what your body needs and changes as your needs change.

Achieve – Our Royal Oak personal trainers develop relationships with their clients to help you on your journey to achieving your desired goals. They keep you safe from injury and really help you to understand the lifts that you’re doing and to maximize gains with every set and every rep. Our athletes make bigger gains in power, strength, speed and body composition while training with MECA than they do at any other training center or college. That’s because of our Assess, Design, Achieve process that we follow with each client.

Our Assess, Design, Achieve approach creates the ideal plan for an athlete to simply show up and do the work.

The biggest gains in physical performance are made during the off-season. This off-season, elevate your game by training with the best.

Hockey Training

At MECA, we improve sports performance and help our athletes achieve their utmost potential. We give hockey players a solid edge by making them stronger, faster and tougher than their competitors on the ice.

off ice hockey trainersWe’ve worked with athletes in the National Hockey League (NHL), American Hockey League, Division 1 Collegiate Hockey, and every level of hockey on down. We’re honored to develop young hockey players who aspire to play at the next level. Our science-based approach to strength training helps hockey players improve their physical abilities very quickly. Come see how we deliver superior personal training for hockey athletes.

Preparing for the NFL Scouting Combine

If you’re a college, semi-professional or arena-league football player and you want to play in the NFL, you know the odds are steep. Every year, accomplished collegiate football players graduate and aspire to the pros, increasing the competition even more. But don’t let this deter you from your goal. Set your sights on the NFL Scouting Combine.

NFL Combine TrainersAt the NFL combine, scouts and team personnel assess you and other prospects for athleticism and mental aptitude. Recruiters hope your physical attributes and prowess will translate to a successful playing career, and ultimately a winning football team.

Your skill, effort and prior success have little impact on improving your draft consideration during the NFL combine. What’s more important is your ability to perform on “The Day.” Key team personnel know that athletes capable of performing at football’s highest level already have these characteristics, plus the right genetic makeup. To capture the attention of player representatives, scouts and team personnel, you must stand out.

Don’t make the mistake most prospects do, by spending three or four months following the same football training program they had in college. At MECA, we do more than that. We use methods from the world’s top strength and conditioning coaches to discover mechanical flaws, structural imbalances and hormonal dysfunction. Then we design a program to aid rapid gains in strength, agility, speed and explosiveness.

Some training institutions hang their hats on a marquee player who is all but guaranteed to be drafted by the NFL. They don’t offer anything above and beyond the training they’ve already received most of their athletic career or training that translates to success on the field. If you want to play in the NFL, and you want to stand out in the NFL Scouting Combine, then choose MECA for elite training without the premium price tag.