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Elite Women’s Soccer Training Programs Customized for Female Athletes

At Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes (MECA), we help female soccer players improve strength, stamina, agility and confidence, both on and off the field. We do this through our women’s soccer training programs designed for female soccer players at every level, from middle school up through high school, college and even professionals abroad.

MECA Head Strength Coach and Owner David Lawrence is an experienced soccer performance coach on an international level having served as the conditioning coach for the Guyana Women’s National Football Team. He and his professional strength coaches have worked with more than 75 female soccer players, each individually.

At MECA, we specialize in significantly reducing knee injury risks for female soccer players. Simultaneously, we work to improve their power and ability to accelerate, decelerate and change direction on the soccer field. MECA is metro-Detroit’s top post-rehabilitation training facility where doctors and physiotherapists send athletes after they finish physical therapy. We are the bridge between physical therapy and performance on the soccer field.

MECA-trained soccer players can benefit from:

  • Screening for soccer-related injury risks—especially for knee injuries
  • Specially designed training programs to reduce knee injuries
  • Custom nutrition plans specific to the individual soccer athlete
  • Increased speed, acceleration, deceleration and agility for changing directions
  • Better ball strength, shot power and accuracy
  • More confidence in your game abilities

Our Women’s Soccer Personal Training Process

Female athletes develop and train differently from their male counterparts. They need a female-specific training program proven to help them excel. Our soccer training method focuses on girls’ and women’s growth styles at each developmental stage. MECA strength and conditioning coaches use a proprietary evaluation and science-backed process to design programs tailored to each soccer player’s needs. This includes:

  • Nutritional assessment
  • Metabolic analysis
  • Upper and lower body structural balance evaluation
  • Power and strength testing
  • Analysis to close fitness gaps and achieve performance goals
  • Training programs custom-designed by your personal coach to meet your distinct needs

MECA-Trained Women’s Soccer Athletes

Syndney Schembri, Xavier Women’s Soccer, #22

“MECA helped me close the gap between high school and college soccer. I came into my sophomore, and especially my freshman year, stronger, faster and with more confidence than ever before. They helped me push past my limits and grow as a player and a person. The staff are not only in my life as mentors, but also as friends!”

Riley Balconi, soccer training clientRiley Balconi

“Training at MECA has been one the best decisions I have made for my soccer career. It’s allowed me to prepare for the next level by immensely increasing my speed and giving me strength on the ball. Also it made me aware of nutrition and its impact on my performance. MECA gave me confidence on and off the field.”

Our Sports Nutritionist Helps Maximize Soccer Training

Female athletes need specific nutrients for optimum performance. As an added service for our female soccer players, we offer a sports nutritionist on-site to provide dietary evaluations and nutritional guidance. Our sports nutritionist will work with your personal strength and performance coach to incorporate nutrition and supplements into your training plan. By customizing a nutrition program for your unique body’s needs, you can fuel greater endurance, speed, strength and wellness.

Are You Ready to Take Your Sports Performance to the Next Level?

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